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  • You have a compliance obligation; an audit, a tax issue or a forensic report; it is weighing you down. You need it out of the door.
  • You need an accountant but have no time to find one, nor the energy in taking the trouble to train one.
  • Your internal control processes, IT systems and cyber security are weak; you are an easy target for a fraud scheme.
  • Or perhaps you are seeking for new knowledge in your industry, innovation and financial modelling.

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Steering Excellence

Fridah Nkirote

Managing Partner

Fridah is a distinguished figure in the realm of Certified Public Accountancy, with a stellar career marked by an extensive focus on public sector audits. She is a thought leader in the dynamic landscape of public sector audits and financial management. Fridah has been an invaluable contributor to the accounting profession. Her distinguished service on various committees of ICPAK showcases her commitment to the broader CPA community. She holds a master’s in finance and is an on-going Doctoral student.

Francis Mungai

Head of Tax and Client Services

Mungai has garnered international experience in key economies, including the UK, USA, and South Africa. His prowess extends across pivotal areas such as taxation, risk management, financial controls, and statutory compliance. His holistic expertise positions him as a strategic partner for organizations seeking not only financial acumen but also a nuanced understanding of the intricate taxation landscape. He is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Kenya and CPA Australia.

Caleb Bhosha, CFA

Consulting Partner

Caleb is a financial analyst and has broad experience in corporate finance, strategy and project finance. He started his career in a retail lending conglomerate. From this, he gained exposure to several facets of business, including fundraising, financial modelling, credit modelling. He proceeded to co-found a technology business which was part of the 10 startups selected to be part of the European accelerator program. He has since worked on infrastructure projects with a Zimbabwean group called Masawara before assuming this role.

Delivering Sustained Outcomes

Our approach embodies who we are: a community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways to deliver sustained outcomes for organisations, their customers, stakeholders and communities, which make a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain.

Our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered and meaningful experiences which deliver real-life results.

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