Tax audit

A tax audit occurs when the Revenue authority decides to examine your tax return a little more closely and verify that your income and deductions are accurate. Typically, your tax return is chosen for audit when something you have entered on your return is out of the ordinary.

We represent you through the motions saving you from a nerve-wracking exercise. We represent you at every stage of the tax dispute commencing with the initial engagement with the Revenue authority to representation at the tribunal.

Tax Compliance Review

Our tax status and tax health review services ensure that inherent tax risks are reviewed and any potential back-taxes quantified. We provide advice on the mitigation and settlement of any such liabilities including engagement with the revenue office for a favourable settlement plan. We also work with the client to develop robust tax plan that are fully compliant with the law.

Our services gives confidence in the level of risk a business has in relation to taxation.

Transfer pricing and International taxes

Operating across multiple jurisdictions with different fiscal requirements places a burden on businesses as they seek the most efficient locations. Through advanced tax planning, we help you manage your tax exposure and support you with global structuring, transfer pricing and taxes on expatriates.

We help clients to develop and implement economically supportable transfer pricing policies, document the policies and outcomes, and respond to any questions raised by the tax authorities. We provide clear and practical solutions that meet specific commercial needs in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Tax Agency

Our tax-processing and tax preparation services ensure that your organization need not handle the tax compliance workload anymore. We function as your personalized tax calculator/income tax processing department and handle the cumbersome, yet important task of tax preparation and processing.

Our team is highly experienced and skilled tax preparations and capable of handling diverse client’s requirements. Some of the key tax preparation services we offer include income tax including WHT, PAYE and VAT

Tax Registration

Our tax registration service advises you on the relevant taxes that your business is eligible for. We take care of the process including PIN application, PIN amendments, relevant Tax applications and applications for Tax Exemptions.

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