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Debunking accountants

It is said that thrones are preserved by secrets; if that be so, then there must be a chief keeper of secrets in organisations, people that know where the skeletons are hidden. This conjures up the image of an accountant, those resolute professionals who always have their hands to the grind stone. If these be the keepers of the mysteries in our organisations, then by all means we should discuss everything you need to know about them: what they do, how they can help you, and even some of the hilarious quirks that make them unique.

What do accountants do?

Contrary to popular belief, accountants are not just bean-counters who sit at the corner sometimes in poorly lit rooms all day crunching numbers. In reality, they provide a vital service to both individuals and businesses by helping them to keep track of their finances and ensure that they are compliant with tax laws. Accountants can also provide valuable advice on financial matters, such as investment planning and budgeting. Accountants bring structure and meaning in the conduct of financial transactions.

How can accountants help you? If you are an individual taxpayer, an accountant can help you prepare your tax return and make sure that you are claiming all of the deductions and credits you are entitled to. They can also represent you in case of an audit by the revenue authority. If you own a business, an accountant can help you to track your expenses, prepare financial statements, and file your business taxes. In short, accountants can save you both time and money!

What makes accountants so unique? Accountants have a reputation for being extremely detail-oriented, which can be both a blessing and a curse! On the one hand, it means that they are meticulous in their work and always ensure that everything is done correctly. On the other hand, it can sometimes mean that they are nitpicky and difficult to please, does this sound like your accountant? Accountants are notorious for being anal retentive – meaning that they like things to be neat and tidy at all times!, this is especially annoying to marketing folks who prefer a happy go lucky approach to relationships – accountants consider this cavalier.

 This is What You Did Not Know About Accounting. Ok, so we all know that accountants are the people who help us keep track of our finances and make sure we’re staying the straight and narrow, but there are  some fun facts about those often-stereotyped profession  that I bet you didn’t know.

Did you know that…

Accountants have been around for centuries! In fact, the first recorded accountant dates all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia circa 2600 BC. Accountancy is one of the oldest professions. It is mentioned in the bible in Genesis when Joseph was put in charge of collecting taxes on all crops through all the lands. That’s some serious accounting! While they may have used clay tablets and cuneiform instead of modern spreadsheets and QuickBooks Online, the job of an accountant then was essentially the same as what it is now: helping you make sense of your money so you can sleep better at night. According to historians, the first known accountant was a man named T-shape. That’s right, T-shape. As in…the letter “T”. They also say that T-shape became one of the most famous accountants in Mesopotamia after being tasked with taking stock of ancient ruler King Ur-Nammu’s cattle and sheep herds.

The term “accountant” is derived from “compter” French for “to count.” It has been in use since the 1600s. For the most part, accountants perform similar tasks today to what they were doing hundreds of years ago! That’s because accountants are primarily responsible for recording and verifying financial transactions in order to prepare financial statements.

Accountants have long been the stewards and interpreters of financial information. Tuca Pacioli, a mathematician during the renaissance., first used the term. In the 1700s, accountants were employed by textile and mine merchants to inspect products. they were called comptrollers. We all know accountants do a lot more than just counting beans these days. Specialists, business advisors, and strategic thinkers, accountants are the backbone of the business world and indispensable to the success of their employers.

Survey shows 38% of respondents trust an accountant with their darkest secrets. This is higher than any other profession! (not even lawyers, not even pastors come close!). Science has proven that sharing your darkest secrets with someone makes you feel closer to them, so maybe people are trusting their accountants because it helps build a deeper professional relationship. Well, it turns out that people really value honesty and integrity. After all, these are the most important qualities in managing someone’s finances.

Respondents reported that accountants are seen as being independent and objective, they’re not trying to sell you a product or service. They’re just trying to give you honest advice based on your financial situation. This can be really valuable in today’s economy, where it can be difficult to know who to trust with your money. So if you’re looking for someone you can trust with your finances, an accountant is a great option. And if you’re an accountant, don’t forget to emphasize the importance of honesty and integrity in your practice – it’s what sets you apart from the rest!

Secrets you didn’t know about Accountants. Accountants are a mysterious breed, you don’t know squat. Just like with any other profession, there are secrets that accountants keep hidden from the public, here are a few.

Secret #1: They read people like a book. Accountants are known for being able to read people like a book. They can quickly assess someone’s financial situation and figure out what they’re trying to hide. This ability comes in handy when we’re doing their job, but it also makes them great at parties! They can always tell when someone is trying to pull a fast one.

Secret #2: They bias towards numbers. Numbers are their lifeblood. If there’s one thing that accountants are good at, it’s working with numbers. The obsession with numbers is because they are always factual, better to derive a storyline from numbers that buy the narrative from a marketing folk.

Secret #3: They are not as boring as you think. Just because they love numbers and always appear melancholic and introverted doesn’t mean that they are boring. In fact, it is quite the opposite! Contrary to popular belief, accountants know how to have a good time. They may not be the life of the party, but they are interesting people with hobbies and interests outside of work, they are among the craziest football fanatics on earth. So don’t be fooled by their seemingly dull exterior – there’s a lot more than meets the eye!

Secret #4: They have a strong sense of ethics. In a world of fading ethics, you need someone you can trust, an accountant comes in handy. One of the things that sets accountants apart from other professionals is a strong sense of ethics; a belief in something bigger than themselves, something worth protecting.

Secret #5: They are detail-oriented. Accountants are known for being detail-oriented. This comes in handy when preparing financial statements or tax returns – we can ensure that all the information is correct and accurate. It may be a painful wait for your assignment to be turned over and believe it is for a good reason, that every transaction fits where it belongs.

Secret #6: They are good at problem-solving. Problem-solving is one of accountants’ strong suits. They always looking for ways to improve efficiency and find solutions to problems. They are quick-thinkers and always up for a challenge!

Now you know, those meek looking professionals are super resourceful, pass your regards to one today.

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